By  Him   O  Israel  





By you O Israel

The Chosen One was delivered

By You O Israel

The Word from God fulfilled

By You O Israel

The Messiah was brought to me

By You O Israel

The world received grace

So, O Israel

See the works of God through you.

Don't remove yourself any longer.

Loose your stiffness.

See what God has done through you,

And believe.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God,

And He has delivered me by you O Israel.

Do not be like the Pharaoh who

Rebuked the message so clear.

Hear O Israel,

And believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ!

By Him O Israel

You will be delivered

By Him O Israel

His Word is fulfilled

By Him O Israel

The Messiah proclaimed

By Him O Israel

Grace received

Delivered are we O Israel

Through Jesus Christ the Lord


  By Him O Israel by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                        Isaiah 45:22

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