Mist O Mist, O foggy mount, How do you roll?                                                 Assured of yourself, you tantalize.

Greater than the oceans which you cover and shield,                                         Concerned for nothing, you do as you wish.

Mightier than the lands which you hide,                                                             Where is the sense?

More infinite than the rivers that are tamed, captured, and held back;                 Wisdom can not be attached to you,

You are wiser than any of these.                                                                        But you surely possess knowledge.  

You hide only when you choose.                                                                       Strength is not carried on your belt,  

You fly in only at a whim of your own.                                                               But you take away all things in your grasp.

You drape the night.                                                                                          Roll O Mist, you glorious mass.

You stop the day.                                                                                             Dissolve all that is in your way.

You tickle and tease,                                                                                         Conquer the land and seas below,

But have no feeling, no humor.                                                                           And control the skies.  

                                                                                                                        Nothing can stand before you.  

                                                                                                                        All things must yield.  

Wait O Cloud.

Why do you shrink?

In fading glimpses you grow weak.

Do not retreat.  Do not show any fear.

Where do you run?

You are nothing.  You are not a god.                                                     Who is He that gives what you receive?

You have no strength.                                                                           Who is He that cares for me?

Look, those that you conquered have returned.                                     Your are nothing O mist, but I am something.

The mountains, the waters, the sky,                                                       If even you are given greatness in my 

They all are here.                                                                                  eyes, then I will be given even more.  Much more.                   

Can you also be a created thing?                                                           Go away weakened cloud, for fog is all .  

Have you no power but what you receive?                                            you are. A vanishing mist                     

Man is nothing, but from what they have received.                                 But from you I have found the True

Are you even as great as I?                                                                   God, The Creator, The God Of All.

You prove you are not.                                                                         Go and convince others that you and me

For you too must be granted how you are to live.                                   are nothing except what God grants us,

                                                                                                            And to me, He has granted grace.


I know Him by His grace.

O God, I thank You for Your ways of showing me Yourself.

Even in the air that surrounds, You show Yourself.

But from You, I am nothing but a mist.

Thank You, Dear God, Thank You for who You are.


But From You by Ronhales                                                                                                                 Psalm 39:5

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