In flames of fire, my eyes are strained,

A view within a furnace.

Outstretching of tips.

Ripping and tearing all that exists.

Even the steps before us.

From life it flourishes,

With its gold towering streaks.

Lashing out for death to consume.

Taking all, all that anything,

Or anyone seeks.

Running after a prey that cannot hide,

Its arms encroaching a prayer.

"Cancel my act!", it cries, it screams

Devouring all it can,

Leaving nothing to bare.

A power of a god.

The power of God.

Unstoppable without a fault.

Unquenchable in a hypnotic trance,

Turn on, turned out, march on

And never halt.

Beyond a luminous glow,

Within a transparency of

An impenetrable wall,

An ember burns to a massive force,

An indescribable call.

I ponder to where I am,

With escape to where I can not go,

For I drift within what I see,

And my burning is what I sow.


“Wet my lips!”,

Then tell those I left behind not to seek this torment.

For where I am was foretold to all,

By God’s Word proven,

Which never lies dormant.

Burning by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                          Isaiah 1:28-31

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