Buried in dirt the columns are lost,

A fine home in its time, valued at a great cost.

But on the wind came its great demise,

When subtle, not foreign, a fiend came in surprise.

Now in the bank they stand forever gone,

For dirt fills what once held a celebrating throng.


Was there no warning for such destiny?

Where is God in all this, or is that blasphemy?

Ions and ions of dust rests here,

But first, betrayal from within, by one so dear.

How else could this tragedy take place?

An army would just destroy and lay it to waste.

But here in this hill the columns stand,

A true testament delivered about this land.

For itís not the expected that comes,

But itís the unseen knife that to the heart was lunged.


If attacked within can we survive?

What are the lessons from this scene that we derive?

Our eternal fall began within.

It was when man allowed his heart to take in sin.

God was forgotten for this worldís wealth,

But in Jesus regained our eternal soulís health.

Donít be buried within, filled by dirt,

But stand forever in Jesus, and stay alert.


Buried Within by Ronhales                                                                                                                       Luke 11:17

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