B R I G H T    E M B E R S




Bright embers float beyond the rocky point, I wonder where they drift.

On an unseen sea they roll,

Sailing as ships upon waves that unceasingly shift.

Gone into the night high and above all things, theyíre like souls going home.

Forced into their ghostly state,

They rise as if fleeing demons sitting on a treacherous throne.

And scattered are some as heaven they seek, I know their wayward path.

For their glowing light burns out,

And as to ash they turn, back to earth they are cast.



What are the waters that I walk upon, my life as a testament?

For it is by faith I stand,

And it is by faith that will lead me into judgment.

We are all ash except by Godís own hand, Jesus Christ makes the difference.

Stand forever or burn out,

The choice for Jesus is our only deliverance.



There I go, as I watch the embers float, gone above all the others.

For into Godís hand Iíll go,

And will avoid being worthless smoke that just hovers.



 Bright Embers by Ronhales                                                                                                                                             Revelation 21:27

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