Boots stand quietly in the corner … Yearning to be filled.

The coat hangs alone … Yearning to be filled.

The gloves lie on the shelf … Yearning to be filled.

How much more my heart!


The barn cries through its open door … “fill me, fill me!”

Fields spread themselves out … “Fill me with seed so I can give up a harvest!”

Stables and pastures call out … “fill me!”

How much more my heart!


As fire, which is all consuming, but never satisfied …

Fill me O Lord with Thy Spirit.

As the land which never quenches its desire for water …

Pour out Your Spirit on me.


The glove is useless until a hand fills its emptiness.

A coat is of no value until stretched over shoulders.

Boots are hollow and void until feet are placed in them.


O Lord, Your Spirit is the hand to my glove …

Is the body of my coat …

Is the foot for my boot which will guide and take me along.


Fill the pastures of my heart.

Fill the fields of my soul.

Fill the storage place of my heart, the barns, the stables

With Your Spirit, Your Word.



Fill my heart with Your Spirit O Lord.

Then use all that You have given me …

To give to others.


Fill me … Holy Spirit.

Use me … Holy Spirit.


 Boots by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                            Acts 4:31

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