Blood on the bush

                                                             In spite of me

Splattered on the leaf

                                                                                                  From mercy's tree

                                  Red drops like rain

                                                            Upon this green

Never ending sight

                                                                                                   Unawakening dream

                                                                                                   Endless cov'ring               

Responding vine

                                                            Bowing down in pain

                                 No chance to shine

                                                                                                    Disgraced in shame

Uprooted in death

                                                              Blood on the bush

                                 Red cast for rest

                                 Flung for all time

                                                              Caught in the gore

Salvation founded

                                                  In blood evermore

                                  From Jesus' tree

                                                               The drink of life

Thrown upon the world

                                                                 Speared like a knife

Receive this site

‘tis Jesus slain

A grave not born

Where blood is lain


  Blood On The Bush by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                             Revelation 5:9

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