Rocks in the field,

A most blessed jewel!!

Seen where ever you look,

But useless around a tool.


Miles and miles of wilderness,

Just sands and rocks to see.

Why would God choose this place?

Why not a site with a tree?


Not a more desolate land!

Just this blessed rock!!

With the heat so unbearable,

Even the shade is mocked.


Why, I asked God, why?

If there’s an answer, say it.

Where’s the sense, what’s the reason,

How, O God, can this profit?


Your thoughts are unknown,

For Your plan is Your plan.

Reveal it to open our eyes.

You say it’s the Son of Man?


Hearts are the stones of the field,

They must be removed or changed.

The Son of Man toils these hearts,

Not a single one will be estranged.


Jesus, the Son, braces every heart,

Only He can open and close.

Allow Him to till your field,

See a stone become a rose.


God chose the desert

To show His glory and love,

The stones were the hearts,

That are now the harvest above.


  Blessed Rock by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                 Ezekiel 11:19-20

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