The Black Tongue of Satan,

                                Longer in lies than any other.

                            No demon compares to its length,

                                                        No demon can climb to its height

From the sanctuaries of Hell,

                            This Black Death is unsheathed,

                        Extending its cruelty and slander,

                                                                Stretching out for all to see.

Demons surround this dark sword,

                                Sprouting their own vile deeds.

                   But none dare challenge this Master of Deceit,

                        They can only bow and fall down before it,

                                                            For they are weak to its strength.

This Black Sword of Satan

                        Spreads lies as it devours all who opposes.

                                        No one stands against it!

                                                                              Nothing can destroy it!

The shadow cast from this Obelisk

                                    Spreads across the earth.

                                        Can nothing stop it?

                                    Is there not a seed planted

                                                                     That can rise up against it?

Who is able?  Who is the Conqueror?

                    Who holds a Greater Word, a Word of Truth?

                            Who possesses a double-edged sword

                Capable of destroying the Black Tongue of Satan?

                                                         If you know Him, call upon Him!

                                                                            Then tell us His name!

                                        Call upon His Name!



Black Tongue by Ronhales                                                                                                                  2 Thessalonians 2:8-10

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