Mostly hot, usually arid,

The sagebrush and cactus grow.

Covered in sand and jutting with rocks,

The desert wind blows.


The land is harsh and welcomes

Few to enter the scorching gates,

But the bird of the desert

Is delivered from all those hates!


The bird of the desert does not need or want!

When there is no rain, God guides it to water.

Where there seems to be no food,

Day by day God provides.


And at night,

The bird of the desert

Makes its home in the rough,

And settles into the nest with peace,

For God cares over it.


Like the bird of the desert,

We need not want or worry.


God loves us and through

Jesus Christ has opened His Heavenly Gates.

And like the bird of the desert,

We have been delivered from all this world’s hates!


   Bird of the Desert by Ronhale                                                                                                                            Psalm 132:15

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