B I G   B A R N S 


The days are growing longer into daylight

And the time to plant a harvest extends

Light is given to build a storehouse

And how big the barn,

The crop depends


Let us plant seed that will fill a barn

Seed that will produce a great harvest

We will till the land and prepare the soil

Laying out rows unlike any novice

But how much seed should be planted I wonder

For the barn must be built to hold it all

So in faith I plant everything there is

And Iíll build a barn wide and tall

In this I've learned not to build first

But to plant the fields and then a barn

For if I build so small, I then must plant small

And if my harvest is great, well, oh darn

Big barns are what God builds for us

Great crops we must expect to receive

His seed He provides is plentiful

And the soil is made ready to conceive

So expect big barns to be ready

Donít ask God for anything less

He expects us to sow and gather much

And a little barn would just create a mess

So in faith I plant everything given me

In faith I expect much to be grown

In faith I know the soil is ready

And in faith a harvest is about to be sown


In faith I know God has a storehouse

And He has built it to be filled

So build for me big barns, Dear God

And Your work through me

Huge harvests will You yield


Big Barns by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                    Malachi 3:10

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