Can you name the things you do not seeÖ, but are?

Wind is probably the most prevalent by far.

Germs we don't want to think much of

But theyíre there, even though theyíre below

While weíre above


Think hard and tell me what exists, but we canít see

Does it count to say the unseen hands that hold

The tons of water in the clouds?

Or the heat produced in the sun that can make

Us scream aloud?


Our eyes donít see the radio waves

That travel through the heavens

Nor do they see the means that let us talk on phones

Inside the Seven-Elevens


And what is it that allows a man to love a woman

Or that same man yield his heart to Godís Son?


The point is clear,

Just because you donít see it,

Canít it still be there?


Trust the words your heart hears

See the feelings your heart bears

And know that Jesus exists

That He lives, and His plea to us persists


Believe on Him and the unseen may at first be dim,

But then will be as bright, as the glory that is in Him.



Believe by Ronhales                                                                                                                 1 Timothy 1:17

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