I struggle with being disciplined in my walk with the Lord.

My flesh fights me and overcomes me.

Iíve asked Jesus to be Lord in my life,

And Iíve told him I will repent.

But yet I continue on as before,

Giving in to my fleshly battles.


I know I am guilty.

Once again O God, I fall before You.

Forgive me Lord Jesus

And let Your heart be as it was before.

Forget my sin, remembering it no more.

O Lord do with me as You will,

But I pray You will use me as you planned before.


Have Thy will in me.

But unlike before, when I failed and gave in to my flesh,

I will let my repentance be secure,

Driving me farther and farther away from sin.

I renew myself to Thee Lord Jesus.

Let only Thy love be as it was before.


Keep me from evil.

Amen and Amen.



 Before by Ronhales                                                                                                                                          Hebrews 12:4

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