If I were to write of the beauty of the desert,

I would start with the colors of the rocks,

The sculptures of the hills, and the designs of the plains.

However, I may begin this ode with the flowers of the many plants.

The vibrant and delicate loveliness of each petal is worthy of first award.

Even its smell is delicate, and fragile,

Drifting only briefly until the sun steals it all.

Yet, the sun in the sky, the living moon crossing, and the artistic cloud

May be my beginning.

For though they are separate most of the time,

Proudly in display of their own greatness,

When they join together as one, there is no comparison in all of heaven

As to the magnificent creation they become.

But the living wonders of that which flows through the canyons,

Crosses the rocks, drops over the plains, may be the worthiness of all else.

Perhaps this is where I should begin.

Blue, green, white in adornment,

The waters of the desert bring all the glory of every creature,

Every creation together as the greatest of all beauty in this place.

Without the springs of living water, all else is not.

Without the drink, there is nothing.

Without the refreshing, there is no day,

And without the sustenance, there can be no living.

Beauty and life is purchased with the water that comes from above.

It flows throughout.

In the mercy, the choosing, and the glory of the living water,

Life is abundant.

Beauty is in the life, and even the desert bursts with beauty,

But life is in the living water from above.

Now if I were to write about that,

I wonder where I should begin?



Beauty Is In The Life by Ronhales                                                                                                       Read:          John 7:38

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