When scrambled waves on the flowing lake are made,

And while rocky shores are fitted to the forested shade,

And when a raceway of terraced paths are set upon the banks,

And the stumps are nestled like commandos dug-in with tanks,

And when high overhead the shimmering wings of southbound geese

Pay no attention to the low crawling beasts,

It is I, a simple traveler resting upon this lavished view,

Who recognizes God’s presence that is embodied within

This beautiful vest of blue.


Shark head boulders on thunderbird cliffs

Mark the creation of this valley’s bliss.

And springs that boil beside the snow melt dew

Refreshes me, and each one other,

That rests inside this adorned vest of blue.

An eagle’s screech from the top of the naked snag

Rushes my heart like the running doe and majestic stag,

But it is God above that I marvel and give my praise to,

For only He could bring together such a wondrous world

Within His beautiful vest of blue.


From skies on high to seas so clear below,

God has fashioned His work and wears them as His clothes.

I have seen You for Your glory, this dress what my eyes can view,

And across Your mighty shoulders drape

Your beautiful vest of blue.

O Lord, all the heavens rest upon Your loving heart,

Then over Your strong arm the seas reflect all creation’s part.

You complete Your vested robe as caring hands draw it close,

Then once fitted, You embrace Your love in this special dress of clothes.


Thank You dear Lord God for all Your creation my eyes are given to view,

For it is from You that I realize,

You wear what’s dear to You

As a beautiful vest of blue.


Beautiful Vest Of Blue by Ronhales                                                                                                                                    Psalm 104:1-3

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