What is the Beast of the Field?

Have you seen one?

Where is the King of Beasts?

Does it exist anymore,

Or are they just fictitious?


Into the darkness of evil we must go,

Then to you a beast I will show.

Look into the lake burning with liquid fire,

For this is where he will retire.


See that vile and wretched thing being destroyed?

It was once a Beast Satan employed.

His place is eternally sanctioned of God,

A prisoner in this fiery bog.


But at one time,

This thing wielded much power,

For even he had its famous hour.

Raised from the sea

On a wave of magnificence,

He was worshipped by all, in a falsehood of pretense.


A crowning that he could only justify

(Because he said he did once die),

The world looked upon him as their missing king,

Messiah they even called this thing.


He fooled and deceived in what appeared to be peace.

But when war began, it would never cease.

Murder, torment, and destroy was his battlecry,

Aimed at God, did his arrows fly.

With false miracles were his followers enticed,

For this was the foretold Anti-Christ.


Now look upon this Beast

In torment despair,

No longer a Prince of the Air.

This Beast will suffer throughout eternity!

Be aligned with God, not with he!

Jesus Christ is the Victor

And Giver of Life,

But know of this Beast,

For his time is ripe.


Follow Jesus and avoid the tribulation,

Or suffer with the Beast,

In agonizing desolation.


Beast by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                     Revelation 19:20

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