The Basement of Darkness

To where life is dragged,

I can not see the worth,

But wonder where Glory’s tagged.

Beneath the builder's stone

Where buried in stench,

Life’s last decree is laid,

On death’s decaying bench.

A blackened stairway

Leads to this graveyard of time,

Step by step endured,

Stacking evidences of crime.

No light established

For secrets to be shared,

Is there a time coming,

When all sins will be bared?

The doorway is sealed

To this dungeon of doom,

But will soon open up

To reveal what’s in this room.

Christ is here and has been there

To shed the Light,

Keys He holds in His hands,

Darkness taken from night.


Lifted up and judged,

Christ will clean up this mess.

Accounting for each sin,

Gone, this Basement of Darkness.

Put your trust in Jesus.

For what’s stored is exposed,

And the Basement of Darkness

Will be forever disposed.


Basement of Darkness by Ronhales                                                                                                                             Psalm 55:23

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Copyright © 2004, Ron Hales, All rights reserved.