A T    G R A N D M A' S





Eggs on the platter, bacon on the grill,

Biscuits in the oven, as we kids cover from the chill.

Grandpa’s in his chair, a smile in his eye,

While Grandma’s at the stove,

Getting the last bacon to fry.

The furnace vent found, we kids steal its heat,

Then Grandpa rises up, as Grandma calls, “It’s time to eat”.

Laughing to our chairs, we kids settle in,

As Grandpa says his grace, Grandma bows her head in a grin.

No playing with food, happy as we are,

Then Grandma wipes my fingers and Grandpa lights up his cigar.

Rolling on the floor, Grandma tucks my shirt,

Then outside we kids run, to play with our trucks in the dirt.

Later, near the woodshed’s door, Grandpa cuts kindling,

Since he’s been gone all day, he hears what we’ve been playing in.

Then, we kids get washed up, supper’s been made,

And off to bed we must go, all day at Grandma’s we’ve stayed.


Days like these are gone, but our hearts are filled.

We kids now are the ones, warming all our Grandchildren’s chill.

Memories are great, a lesson well taught,

Love’s the best gift given, when by a loving heart it is brought.

Thank you God for this, our Grandparent’s love,

They knew what was needed, and we kids learned it came from above.


Yes, thank you dear Lord,

‘twas You all along.

Grandma and Grandpa loved You,

And now, me and mine,

In You,

Are where we belong.



At Grandma’s by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                     Deuteronomy 4:9

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