A S   A   B O Y 


I wonder sometimes about my dog

And the tender heartedness of a small boy,

For what a great ally Friskie was,

And the times shared with her instead of a toy.


She was the best friend a boy could have.

First out the door to chase something

From the brush,

Then bouncing at my feet.

And Iíd trip,

Then Iíd cry, not knowing

If she loved Jesus.


As a boy I didnít think too much,

So here I was a beginning of myself

Not knowing if Heaven would have her,

But not staying around church to learn that wealth.


Girls too had childhood pets that they loved.

Boys and their dogs were the ones to

Chase a bird,

Girls would care for and ride their horse,

What child though would stay at church

And read the Word?


When I was a boy, I planned little.

I didnít think about anything past right now.

But God planned for Jesus before time.

Even as a boy He was showing us how.


My boyhood was with a childlike heart.

Jesus had a heart different than any child.

His heart was preparing for Satan,

A war won from a heart

Loving and mild.


After Friskie I had other dogs.

Yet, my heart was never so tender

    As then                                                                                                                   Until I met the man who changed that,

                                                    For Jesus grew up

                                                    And died for my sin.



  As A Boy by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                     Proverbs 3:6

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