Waiting here for this appointment

Reminds me of fishing.


Anticipation for the Doctorís exam,

And anticipation for the fish to bite.

It seems to me that I am hungry for the event to occur,

But the excitement that builds in the wait,

Is not only an enjoyable part of the event,

But it may be the best part of the entire incident.

I get excited in the Lord,

And yet what He may have me walk through,

The trial, the suffering, the commitment, the endurance,

Building me up in Him, my anticipation of His glorious outcome,

Gathers up in me all that I really need.

My excitement of Him is the wealth of all that He does in me.

My anxiousness of His completion in me, is as great, perhaps greater,

Than the earnings at the end.



I am never tired at the end of a great day walking the shore of a river.

I am never weary after an afternoon of sitting on the bank of a lake.

The experience enjoying being there exceeds my need to catch a fish.

Anticipation may be my best reward.

In the same way, I wait with great anticipation for miracles in my life.

I wait in wonderful excitement, anxiousness, and joy.

But hereís the difference of Godly things and earthly things,

Anticipation on earth may be my greatest enjoyment of the total exciting event,

Yet, I know that the wait to see my Lord is nothing compared to seeing Him.

Anticipation will be forgotten when glory comes.

On earth anticipation is a reward, but then, Glory, will be even a greater reward.

Thatís why Iím so excited.

Anticipate!  For the end will bring in the beginning of glory with God.

Now that is worth being excited about.

Anticipate then, anticipate being with the Lord.  Anticipate it in joy!



 Anticipate by Ronhales                                                                                                    Read:               1 Thessalonians 1:3

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