A N O T H E R    D A Y



Thereíll be another day.


The errors I made today, the false claims I laid,

The temptations I gave way to, will all be behind me tomorrow.

The people I hurt, those I offended, the encounters that went bad,

Will all be behind me when I look back on them from another day.

Sorrows will be gone, mistakes wiped away, regrets hidden,

And troubles forgotten, when another day comes.

Lies wonít have a lasting effect, trust will be restored,

Lost opportunities will come around again,

And dreams re-encountered as another day arrives.


Isnít this true?  Arenít I right?

Doesnít tomorrow bring another day which strikes out the past

And cleans a new slate?

Donít I get a new start on a new day?

Canít I forget the past and claim innocence once again?

I am not guilty of anything of old when the newness of another day

Falls afresh upon me, am I?


Answer me.

This is wisdom found to hold up to time, right?

I am not deceived.  My past can not bind me.

I am not accountable day to day. 

Who is there that dares to judge me or my philosophy? No one!

There is no one that is worthy to say differently.

What is their claim if there is?


Yes, another day will come and I can start new.

Yes, I will again start over new,

And what I have done today, was done today.

Yes, tomorrow is another day,




Another Day by Ronhales                                                                                                                           Proverbs 16:9

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