I can see, as my feet leaves the ever shrinking earth,                                   Not floating, as if drifting on a sea of space,

growing smaller and smaller beneath me,                                                    but driven, guided by a need, a desire,

an eternal home above, where my eyes are fixed                                        a desire for my spirit to be home with 

for evermore.                                                                                            The Spirit of God.

My arms pulling in the glory, the victory                                                     Fear is passed, is left, in now the unseen world

of Jesus Christ in me, as His arms of the Victor,                                         of below.  My anxiety has turned to an

are pulling me into Him.                                                                             anxious heart, excited and overwhelmed                                            

Mutual, together, His strength gives me strength                                         with my arrival into Godís presence.   

to come upon His place for me, His creation.

Into my ears, flowing into my soul, is the singing                                         Creatures fly about me as I am paraded into

of angels, and saints who have arrived before me.                                      The Kingdom with a triumphant entry, worthy  

Glory fills the air as beings form around me, and                                        only to a mighty conqueror, a Lord, a King of


Reaching, I have been gathered into the arms                                             holds me.  Into a vastness greater than my

of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Upon His                                          Heavenly eyes can behold, is a magnitude  

chariot He lifts me, and unto His bosom He                                                Of Kingdom Dwellers, welcoming me.

The cheers shatter the silence after He speaks                                            repeats, as instant stillness becomes thunderous

my name, and the universe reverberates with                                              outbursts of ecstatic love, when Jesus proclaims  

the joy exclaimed.  Time and time the scene                                                my name.

I am home.  My Lord Jesus Christ has brought                                           Unto Him I have come.

me home, a home to which He has prepared all                                          Unto Him I belong.  

time to receive.

And as we ride together amidst the innumerable                                          My Heavenly Father, the Creator Of All Ever  

throng of joyous voices of celebration, we                                                    Created.

travel into the throne room of God Almighty,

The beginning of eternity praising my God,                                                    is about to begin as Jesus Christ ushers me    

receiving blessings, sharing what was written                                                 into Godís presence, with all those who

into eternity because Jesus was in my life,                                                     celebrate my arrival joining in with us.   

celebrating the feast from the Host of Hosts,








An Eternal Home by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                               John 14:3

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