I am rich in the love of the Lord, rewarded by His blessings of care.

I am enriched in the power of the Holy Spirit, His guiding hand which I share.

Where is the desire, comfort, joy, and want, which God Himself could not provide?

If it exists outside of Him, then nowhere near it do I wish to reside.

For all I am and all I need, the treasuries of God fulfill,

Nothing else can match His matchless supply,

Nothing else can provide the bounty of His will.


Rich and rewarding, that is the life, the life in the Lord I lead,

And any commitment to something else, is not worth the sweat I would bleed.

God is all sustaining, all encompassing, nothing with Him is lacking,

In Him and with Him is all things given,

And anything contrary is not worth support or backing.  

So an inheritance of Heaven granted, riches of the universe are mine,

God rewards me in Him, a gift glorious, bountiful, and divine.


Where does the wealth come from, how am I a child of the Father?

Why would I be loved, why would God even bother?

Such is the story of love, the gift of Godís own son,

Through Jesus I am blessed, through Jesus was death put on the run.

By grace God gave completely, nothing chosen in random,  

I am the benefactor of Christ dying, the inheritor of His kingdom.


Riches and glory are Christís alone, He is the Worthy One,

But His death ended my sin, with death it was finished, it was done.

And when Jesus rose from the grave, His Heavenly Kingdom claimed,

He promised to give to me, the same resurrection but without the shame.

So rich and rewarding is my life, extending even unto eternity,

It comes from God and God alone, that through Jesus all things have come to me.




All Things Have Come To Me by Ronhales                                                                              Read:          1 Chronicles 29:12

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