On the broken skyline where the vastness of God’s glory strains the eye,

Wonders of His creation bask in the question, “Why did Jesus die?”

Hills and ridges, plants, animals, and trees marvel at this thing,

“How could God who created me”, they ask, “Come to earth just to hang?”


Cranes gather at water’s edge, while on the plains cattle roam;

Mountains stretch upward while oceans at their boundary foam;

Streams flow for the trout, deer, and beaver alike;

As the storm clouds meet to block the sun’s brightest light;

And the cry to God in Heaven is a mystery they all want to know,

“How could man deserve all that love which Jesus willingly came to show?”


Golden grain that waves at every season they see pass,

To every insect going by with an instinct to perform a common task,

Join in the asking of a question questioned by all,

“Why did Jesus die for a creature He created and then let fall?”


Giants of the land with the giants of the sea wonder,

“How could God build the universe and give it to one justified for His thunder?”

The rocks stop their rolling and the Hummingbird pauses in mid-air,

“Why did Jesus leave His kingdom and take a burden man should bare?”

And even from the dust of the earth, which understands more than most,

“From me Your greatest creation was made and then for him give up Your Ghost?”


“O God”, all things cry out,

“O God”, the wonders of creation shout,

“How can You who we know whom thou art”,

“As King of Heaven, die for man and set Thyself apart?”


“O God, how can You, who we know whom thou art”,

“As King of Heaven, die for man and set Thyself apart?”

“O God, how can You, who we, Your creation that knows whom thou art”,

“What a mighty King and Lord of all that You are, so glorious whom thou art”,

“How wondrous You are”,

“How great You are to have come to die for man and set Thyself apart?”




All Things Cry Out by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                           Read:          James 1:18

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