A L L   T H A T ' S   L E F T  


We had been worried, my sons and I,                                                  We cared for and raised them tenderly,

For she had been gone several days.                                                    Hoping that they could tote the load.

But when she was found, my heart was proud.                                     We were poor and needed these Burros,

She had birthed two young, healthy in all ways.                                    For one could bring a good price when sold.

They were cute and fun to watch grow,                                                The boys died trying to save a beast,

Kicking up their heels and running.                                                        And in mud, one, I found alive.

Shy and curious, they’d stay close,                                                        I made new graves next to their mother,

As their mama would bite their ears so loving.                                        And wonder why I’m to survive.

Then one dark day as they were playing,                                               Everyday when I nursed that Burro,

Suddenly taken by a flood that flashed.                                                  I thought of my lost family.

But it was my sons who are victims,                                                      But as it grew healthy and strong,

For up onto the rocks they were bashed.                                              Never sorry, of who it reminded me.

My wife’s brother bought a part of it,                                                    Only those with weighted purses,

Seeing its value would be great.                                                            Could come near and slow our journeys’ rush.

So he helped me and amassed interest,                                                 Soon I would sell this beautiful beast,

As I worked and suppressed my hate.                                                  So goes the memories of my life.

To the village I would often lead,                                                          For this animal is all that’s left

Not allowing a hand to touch.                                                               Of the love with my sons and wife.

On one such trip, a man I did meet,                                                        “This miracle worker, Son of God,

Dressed as a beggar, a tale he told.                                                          Believe on Him, a new life He gives”.

“Have mercy on me, for blind I am,                                                          This beggar had changed by faith, he said,

Son of David, the Lord behold.”                                                              Once all but dead, and now he lives.

He told me these truths, that now he sees,                                                By faith then, I too can be renewed.

And how faith in this man was enough.                                                     Just believe that Jesus is Lord.

I knew he could not lie about this,                                                            I’m not worthy, and yet, forgiven.

For I had seen him beg from the rough.                                                    He’s conquered my sin without a sword.

With my wife’s brother, I’ll share the news,                                             I tell you, He is the Christ Jesus,

If only a sign could prove my fate.                                                           And through Him, I am a chosen one.

I called him from the house to the street,                                                  He has been foretold by the prophets,

As the colt, never ridden, I tied to the gate.                                              Descendant of David, God’s Son. 

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, His name,                                                 It’s true, all I once had, is that colt.

Has saved me, with just faith in Him.                                                       But even it, I would gladly leave,

But, you are no one, just an ass you own,                                               Because Jesus Christ gives me more,

Don’t make decisions on a whim.                                                           And takes, what I’ll no longer grieve.


If only it were true, what you say.                                                           And as we asked, they said,

You believe by faith, but some must see.                                                 “The Lord needs it!”.

If only I was shown that He knew,                                                           Into His hands He has drawn me,

But, can He really forgive me?                                                                 And has chosen me for who I am.

He is the Son of God, He knows.                                                            And what little I had before,

Believe with all your heart, and feast.                                                       Is now a jewel, blessed by the Lamb.

His presence you’ll feel inside your soul,                                                  “Peace in Heaven and glory in the highest”,

Who is that untying the beast?                                                                  We hear Him in the city street,

I went there with my wife’s brother,                                                          But it is into my heart He rode,

For of the Burro, he owned a bit.                                                             Jesus Christ has made me complete.

Why are you untying the colt?


All That’s Left by Ronhales                                                                                                                         Matthew 21:1-5

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