All  Are  Welcome 



The Rooster’s crowing, and the eastern sky is preparing for a sunrise.

The sky is lit up in a brilliant pinkish-red-orange,

Signifying a creation of a new day by God Almighty,

Who is calling the Angels together for a roll-call of top priority.



The mountains shrink as they roll out a red carpet,

Causing their tops to flatten across the horizon,

Bowing to their Creator.

The entire sky has shown its colors of the spectrum in red,

Drifting off the edge of the world to lavender and purples.



It is a glorious sight to behold as the Lord announces His arrival.

This proclamation is declared to the earth ….

"Celebrate Today, Celebrate Today!"

The waters spread the cry as they echo the proclamation.



"All are welcome!"

God declares, as He announces this celebration.

His personal invitation is given for all creation.

Recognize this wedding day of perfectly matched hearts.

For He Himself has brought the Bride together with the Groom.

Today is the wedding day.  Today is a great celebration.


 "All are welcome.  Celebrate Today!"

Today, as Jesus is the Groom and the church the Bride,

Today, in Jesus,

Ron and Kelly are married.


  All Are Welcome by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                  Revelation 22:17

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