A  F  T  E  R  G  L  O  W








The afterglow of the sunset rests in His hand,

Holding time still.

The glories of His wonder are framed

So all will stop and admire His work

And acknowledge His name.


The magnificence of all I see

Is just an afterglow of Heaven passing.

Soon all will be revealed to me,

Your Light opened to me.

My heart, my soul, my mind

Yearns for all that is prepared for me O Lord.

Now I am in Your afterglow,

Soon Your full presence will once again come upon us.


Thank You dear God for glimpses

Into Your place for me,

As You hold a sunset still,

The afterglow of a wondrous day.


All praises to our God!



Afterglow by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                     Ezekiel 1:28

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