Life is not easy,

Who said it was fair?

But why take a shortcut or show we don’t care?

For that’s the path of a fool,

And the reason the teacher is justified,

In keeping us after School!


Complainers complain,

Disturbers disrupt,

The stubborn are boastful,

They’re loud and abrupt,

And yet, they think they’re cool!

So, is it any wonder, that when you look,

You’ll find them after School?


A problem child, he.

A problem child, she.

Always one in the class,

Recognized to be!

Seldom using the right tool,

They find themselves in special education,

And staying late after School.


God disciplines those He loves.

Enduring hardships will end in blessings.

But it is for our own good,

That we don’t break a single rule,

Otherwise we will find ourselves with the Teacher,

Being kept after School.


Jesus Christ is the Teacher;

He is our example;

He is our Master;

By Him are we taught.

If we do not listen, and are corrected,

We will surely not die,

But like a wise man, and not a fool,

We should pay attention and learn from the experience,

When Jesus keeps us after School!


                                                                                                                                                 Matthew 23:8

After School by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                              Job 36:22

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