Wrapped in bunches

Laid in a pile

Stored by the cord

Aisle after aisle


Barked wood, Chopped wood, Kindling split. Sawed wood; Peeled wood; Making it fit.

From houses and barns, Boardwalks and docks, Window frames and stairways, Tireless childrenís blocks.

                            Hardwood, Softwood, Maple and Fir. Broadleaf to skinny leaf. Hear the wind stir.


Cedar and Pine for dresser drawers.

Then thereís handles and hoes

 For garden chores.

Wood for every imaginable thing,

In play and necessity.

Without it, what a loss.

And in our hands we finely fashion

All types of wood,

But who is it that built a wooden cross?


By Godís own hand

Was manís redemption given.

In God,

Is all purpose made known from Heaven.

To the necessity of life this cross was made,

And from Godís handiwork sin was laid.


So look upon this product of wood crossed.

This is The Carpenterís work,

Finely fashioned on a place

Where eternity is the cost.


  A Wooden Cross by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                            Colossians 2:15

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