A    W A N D E R E R'S    P L A C E




A Wanderer’s Place,

With door held wide opened from within,

Where Angels meet and voices greet,

And life really begins.

Here thousands to thousands to thousands are seen,

As glory’s song is sung,

Then quiet’s calm to rest’s redeemed,

As another Wanderer is welcomed.


Enjoined to this faithful throng

Of servants never halting,

Ministering trust, upholding the just,

Come words never faulting,

“The Wanderer is in, this task complete,”

The voice of God resounds,

“So celebrate and usher in,

Another led from Satan’s compounds”.


Angels feast

In a satisfying work

That is complete,

For into a Wanderer’s Place

Comes a lost and wandering sheep.

Yes, open the door,

For unto Jesus comes a new face.

Today a Saint is born to a lasting home


“A Wanderer’s Place”,



A Wanderer’s Place by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                            Luke 15:10

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