A thousand years in a night,

Each time I go to sleep,

Could not explore

My God’s grace,

If a thousand years I could keep.


As I close my eyes at days end,

And somehow earn a millennium,

I find to a new day I awake,

With each coming night,

Forming a continuum.


During the single night

As a thousand years go by,

I study and study the Word of God,

And ask the question “Why?”.


As the millenniums add up

With each passing night,

And I find new ways to seek my Lord,

A thousand lifetimes

Of continuing this way,

Can not reveal all for me,

That He has stored.


With these thousand years

I spend in each sleeping night,

I have seen a glimpse of what

Eternity just might be like.


My God is so vast

So formidable, so grand,

That I will need an endless time,

To enjoy and experience

His grace,

By this Father’s Hand.


A Thousand Years by Ronhales                                                                                                                                            Psalm 90:4

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