A stranger in the snow, where he came from I don’t know,

But where he’s going I do know.

For although his laugh was spry,

And gladness was in his eye,

His heart was empty, and I knew he would die.


Cursing from his mouth filled the air,

While his shoulders shrugged under burdens of care.

His mind was full of terror,

And he had no one with whom his loss could be shared.


Walking out of no where,

And going no where.

A stranger in the snow,

Traveling a path he didn’t know.


O God save this one.

Choose him as a son.

Show Thyself to him,

And release his pain.

Turn his cursing into glorifying Jesus’ name.


What? Alright Lord.

“Say fella, I can see you are lost.

Come in and get warm, it’s at no cost.

Share my food, my roof,

And a love given me when I was lost.”


“Yes, come on in.

Take off your burden, relinquish your sin,

Jesus will cure all ills and fill your heart with cheer again.”


A stranger in the snow,

Where does he go?

His next step may be up to me, I know.



  A Stranger In The Snow by Ronhales                                                                                                          Matthew 25:40

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