Iíve got a story to tell,

And such a story it is to tell.

For itís a story about choosing Heaven or Hell,

And if I canít tell it very well,

Well, this story about Heaven and Hell,

Will tell its own tale, a tale of choosing Heaven or Hell.


This story is a story of spirit and soul,

And it has been told, and told, and told.

For it is about Godís will being the goal,

And part of that goal is reclaiming all that Satan had stole.

But my soul is Godís ultimate goal,

And as He has saved my soul,

I will ensure that this story will be retold and retold and retold.


God created man and the devil fell to destroy man.

God gave His Son to save man, and man rejected God for man.

But Godís grace prevails over man, and man is saved by Godís forgiveness to man.

Jesus is Godís son, The Christ, Heís the way to God, the truth, and the life.

Christ calls us His own, His Wife, and Heís the Groom providing for us, His Wife.

Therefore, life in Christ is the life, and in Christ God gives eternal life.

Yes, Christís own story is this tale that I will tell,

Itís about His life, and this truth of life I must tell.

And thatís how it becomes a story of Heaven and Hell,

Because eventually we must choose to go to Heaven,

Or go to Hell.

And thatís the story to tell,

Jesus saving us from Hell.


So, this great story to tell, I will tell,

For my soul has been saved from Hell.

And when your soul is saved from Hell,

You too will want to help me tell this tale,

A story of how God kept us from Hell,

For itís a great story to tell.



A Story To Tell by Ronhales                                                                                                                   Read:          1 Timothy 3:16

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