Each step is taken in emotional agony

As the concrete strikes the sole of my shoe

With an anger outburst,

Then shattered,

It crumbles under my feet in dust,

Blown away in the wind forever.


Nothing appearing solid and firm remains,

No emotion stands.

My flesh is weak,

Fallen and eventually destroyed.

Where I have walked is gone forever.

Where I go is yet to be made known to me,

But the step I take today,

Will not support me unless

I walk on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.


Jump up, run after, and have faith

That each step taken on Him

Is a step grounded forever

In His everlasting Kingdom.


Never faltering, never wobbling, never braking apart,

The platform of His step,

Created from this Solid Rock,

Draws me in and holds me to the path

Of His chosen way for me.


Solid are the steps made from

The Rock of Jesus Christ.


  A Step Grounded by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                     Psalm 40:2

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