As the rainy seasons come,

And the roar of the seas increase,

May my thoughts carry me over,

Over to a place of spiritsí release.


Flesh is bound in a world of dread,

But by the Holy Spirit,

The universe is mine to be led.


So unto a spiritsí realm,

With a travelerís quest and desire,

The Kingdom of God delivered,

As hopes, imagination, and dreams transpire.


Transported to a perfect place,

Blessed in a Godly peace,

Iím presented to Godís holy face.


Lead me on O Holy Spirit,

Where crying eyes and rainy skies cease.

For it is by Thy truth and faith,

That Jesus Christ gives a spiritsí release.


A spiritsí release soon to come,

For then, and only then,

Will I have arrived in Godís Kingdom.



 A Spiritsí Release by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                 Luke 4:18

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