Leaves limp on the ground.  Limbs hanging from larger ones.

Signs of old.  Hopes of sweet kisses still in the mistletoe.

And the young doe and buck frolic near the apple tree,

while the sun rests its eyes and invites the starry sky

to share his wealth.


My heart is full of the same taste gained from the apple,

now playfully stirring that young deer.

I leap and shout the joy of freedom, confidence, and love

which rushes through my veins.

It is not my blood that gives life,

but the eating of the fruit from God,

this fruit, so flavorful, so delicious,

so sustaining.

This is His Word to me.

The flowing of the Holy Spirit

is proof that my strength is from God,

through His Son, Jesus Christ.


I run Lord, because of You.

I gleefully dance within Your creation,

spinning with praise under Thy Tree of Life.

In You I eat to a Spiritís fullness, and never wondering

when the supply of goodness fades,

for it is eternal by Thy Hand.


Forever I praise You,

O Heavenly Father


A Spiritís Fullness by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                        Galatians 5:22-23

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