A song captured in my head, never to escape.

How can you figure such perfection?

Then it’s gone, but echoes back!

Is it a spiritual reflection?


Tears shed as I recount ‘Blessed Assurance’,

And my heart’s filled with joy for ‘It Is Well’.

Can it be the voice of Jesus?

Is it His story I need to tell?


In seeking Jesus, is there a favorite song to sing?

What is it about Him that touches our heart’s ear?

Is there a special string to pull?

Is there a spirit to make it clear?


Gone is the hope of Christ’s eternal salvation,

Drowned out by the doldrums of today.

Will it ever return for me?

Only if I seek Him out,

And pray!



A Song Captured by Ronhales                                                                                                                                   Exodus 15:2

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