An empty gown lies limp on the chair,

Lifeless and discarded no longer to be worn in loving care.

Where is the skin so soft on the silk,

Cast from the warm touch left like a broken flower

That soon will wilt?

Trampled by the sun its colors fade,

Only dust and steps of the spider sparkle from where it was laid.

But from an outstretched hand life comes forth,

And in an instant death is thrown off and replaced

By a new life’s source.


Is resurrection from the dead so simple?

Will life once again renew an empty and vacant temple?

Jesus Christ changed His earthly gown for a robe of glory,

From flesh to immortality He rewrote death’s story.

The lifeless will all be changed in a moment,

The hand of Jesus will present love to where

There was once only torment.

The new is put on from what Jesus has shed,

Eternal life is given to those that once were dead.


No more emptiness, no more lifelessness,

Jesus turns all our death, all our shame

Into forgetfulness.

The new is put on in Christ Jesus,

Life is restored and eternity gained

For all of us.

Let Jesus turn death into a living crown,

Then a royal robe in Him

Will be fashioned from this lifeless gown.

Where is the empty gown that laid so lifeless on the chair?

Put on as a royal robe when Jesus takes all the sin we bare.



A Royal Robe by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                        Revelation 19:13

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