Like a rose in the grass,

Our brilliance bursts.

It is not hidden.

It is not disguised.

It is like a flowing river in the desert,

Parched land all around,

While growth and abundance

Surrounds the river.


God plants a seed in the grass.

God opens a spring in the sands.

God delivers His beauty

In a place destitute.

God speaks His Word.


Germinate me O Lord.

Let me be Thy rose.

Cause me to blossom when around me

Only grass seems to grow.

Fill me with Thy Holy Spirit O God.

Flow Thy springs of Living Water from me.

Through me, let Thy grace be known.


In a world I live, a grass covered hill.

Stretch out Thy hand and bring a rose to life.

Expose Thy beauty in a rose and

Bring forth a flowing river in the dunes.

There is no life where Your river does not run.

There is no beauty where Your rose does not grow.


Open Your fields and pour out Thy bounty.

Open the seas and let Thy water nourish.

By Your hand the Word is sown.

See the roses are on the hills,

And the river

Waters the desert?

Godís Word delivered.

His Word revealed.


A Rose In The Grass by Ronhales                                                                                                                       Psalm 92:13

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