A   R O C K 




I will not be a rock hiding in the grass,

An ambush,

An obstacle,

A detriment;

But let me be exposed,

As a refuge,

A fortress,

A secure mount.


For in Christ,

He brings to me,

The strength of His stature,

Rising above the blindness of this world,

The staggering,

The crippling,

The beaten and bewildered of life,

And ensures, that by His Holy Spirit,

I am made complete in Him,

The Rock,

The Foundation Of My Soul,

The Fortress Of My Spirit.


Yes, Jesus is the Sold Rock,

And He lifts me and places me with Himself.

Praise the Lord!

For I am not hidden, but I am made whole in Him,

Where I stand firm, exclaiming from this Pentacle,

The Glory,

The Victory,

The God Of My Life,

Who is Jesus Christ The Lord.



A Rock by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                           Psalm 18:2

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