Oh, what a pitiful fool!


You say that I abuse,

And my broken heart has no love.

You scorn and mock my plight,

And cast stones from your lofty position above.

You point at my loneliness,

But don’t call me by name,

Then you taunt my losses

And consider it part of your game.


A fool you say,

Oh, what a pitiful fool!


“Don’t let him in!”,

“Can’t you see you’re not wanted?”

The echo of rejection

Follows me as if I’m being haunted.

“Now leave us alone!”,

“There’s no room for you!”,

And smiling at me you say,

“Take your love and go, you pitiful fool”.


Oh, what a pitiful fool.



A Pitiful Fool by Ronhales                                                                                                                             Read:          Proverbs 10:18

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