To birds!  To birds!  I dedicate this rock to birds!

During the course of timelessness,

Only birds have known this rock’s usefulness.

And to the sea, to the sea, I spread much gratitude,

For none has worked so hard to give this place some attitude.


Like a dragon’s head, this rock appears.

With its exposed tail extending,

And the cresting wave so graciously tending,

And the powerful jaw so daunting,

Which freezes for time something very haunting,

What more can be done through appreciation,

What more can become of these weary crags?

I think “farewell” is the appropriate salutation,

And let the earth give up its flowing dregs.

But some want to call it lord, some want it for worship.

But it is just a piece of rock, and nothing to give it Lordship.


There is no reason to give praise to a lifeless form.

So stop making idols and letting them be the norm.

Celebrate God, the Creator and Maker of all things,

He is more than just a piece of rock for sitting of Cranes.

Worship God, enjoy His creation,

And don’t let a piece of rock keep you from the True God relation.



A Piece Of Rock by Ronhales                                                                                                                  Isaiah 44:9-10

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