We wait for the Spring catalog and fall fashions

The new cars and TV shows are great occasions

The start of school makes for fun conversation

And a new church seems to bring a new congregation


In all that we do

Itís so neat to see something new

With the excitement comes wonder

Like watching the storm clouds for thunder


And when God created us

He made a really big fuss

For in us was His greatest joy

More than a baby with a brand new toy


So it's not too amazing a man and a girl

As the love between them begins to make a swirl

For into this glory His greatest of a miracle

He brings a beautiful new thing into this old world


Our Life together

God has intended forever

For with a marriage settlement

He brought forth a new element


Our newness is God

And without Him itís all a fraud

For He brought us together so thorough

And lovingly made a new thing in this old world



A New Thing In This Old World by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                   1 Peter 3:7

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