In a day filled with sprinkling rain and cold, chilly wind,

We find the warmth of a new spring

As the sun pushes into our life.

Birds plead to their lover’s need

As hand in hand we stroll,

The flowers rushing out

To display their wares before us.


“On to Market”, they cry.

“The time is now.”

“Do not delay.”


The trees respond as they stretch

Their own newness.

Splendid and redeemed from a

Winter’s night sleep.

“Color me”, cries the grass, the bush.

“I am ready for a new coat to display.”


One by one the peddlers of God’s creation

Open to the Market’s call.

One by one, voices join together

To bring forth a new season.


“Smell me”, one cries to the bees,

and from another, sweet temptations

are lifted to the Butterfly.


“Before me?  Yes”, speaks the squirrel,

then chatters even more as he passes.


And into the hollow of God’s creative hand

We all succumb.

Knowing that together we complete life.

Praises we shout one to all,

Praises together we sing to Him.

Spring is here,

A new season begun.

To Him we sing,

For He gave us our beauty, our life

Through Jesus Christ, His Son.


A New Season by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                    Ecclesiastes 3:1

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