This journey's a glow

With memories of old

All are so good

And have stood so bold

Things of the past we think forever will last

Let go the worst, then recall what was a blast


Life is too short to hold sadness and guilt

A simple display results

Of flowers that wilt

But life is entwined, as memories go

Our joy is mixed

While living out sorrow


Ensure everlasting life

Ensure joy at journey’s end

Ensure memories true

Ensure a Crown to win


Make a single moment forever shine

Take a special step in this life’s precious time

A memory made that will never die

Will seal eternity to a life’s goodbye


Now complete this picture

Rightly finish this story

Say yes to Christ Jesus

And with Him

Journey into Glory



  A Memory Made by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                              1 Peter 5:4

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