Down the rimrock trail I journey, my feet always secure.

Through the narrows and obstacles I find the pathway of my travel.

There are no hardships that aren’t overcome,

For my journey’s end is made known to me, and lies just ahead,

Visible to my eyes and ringing joy into my ears.


My hands may press into the side of the rock, but snakes, I do not fear.

I may wander, but always return to the path,

Never fearful of falling from this secured way.

Attack from any foe is beyond reason, for I am guarded by the way itself.

The trail is narrow, harsh and hazardous, if not wisely traversed.

Someone or something with their mind on me would surely stumble, fall, and perish.


I ponder where I am, often stopping and seeing the beauty to the surrounding rock.

Majestic.  Immovable.  Seemingly timeless.

I step where the eagle’s nest resides.

I am unafraid, enjoying a freedom never known to me before.

For here, I am supposed to be.  Here, I am commissioned.  Here, I am authorized.

No where else am I as strong.  No other place could be as safe.

To others, I may seem at risk.  But being anywhere else, when here I am suppose to be,

Would be the risk, a sure harm to me, an exposure to certain death.


So here I walk. 

I was led here, and here, is my way.

This trail in the setting of rimrock, canyon, and mountains,

Is a highway to my home.

I thank you Lord, for opening my eyes to my proper path.

Perhaps this path I travel is only for me, and no one else.

But because Your Hand brought me here, this path is the only path,

The proper path for me.

This path is a highway to my home.



A Highway To My Home by Ronhales                                                                                                   Psalm 16:11

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