I do not know to what degree I will be judged,

Nor do I know the span of time

That death travels across this life and eternity,

Nor can I speak of Godís closeness

In words that someone else will understand,

But I do know,

That all this will be given.


I do not know the sciences of this universe,

Just as I do not know of things I can not see.

And I do not know the depths of Godís grace,

But I do know,

That all this will be given.


I am uncertain about tomorrow, and I wonder of today.

I fail to comprehend the most simple of things,

And it seems I question so much along the way.

I hesitate to know the right decision,

And I assume way too much.

But one thing I am given,

That is, Godís Spirit, by His touch.


I may not know the path He takes,

But I know my eyes are upon Him.

I may not know the words to speak,

But by His Spirit, the light will never dim.

I may not know all He is,

But I know He is giving it all.

And when I meet Him face to face,

Down will come a mighty wall.


Jesus Christ is the answer, He is the way.

From Him Iím given all I donít know.

What a great day!


A Great Day by Ronhales                                                                                                                                           1 Corinthians 13:12

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