By a golden spike, two trails do make

But lofty and proud, like a glass they break

Signs in the desert

Poles in the grass

Lead us to corrosion

Like green onto brass


Friendships and partnerships clasped within the hand

But is it this that takes us through the land?

Gravel and stone

We choose to walk

While beside us

A path of sturdy rock


Under siege from eroding sand

Take upon yourself, the outstretched hand

This hand is of Jesus

The Son of God

He turns the miry clay

Into immovable sod


For in everyway there is to choose

The partnership in Jesus will never loose

So seek Him out

From His Word of old

And your trail

He’ll guide to streets of gold



A Golden Spike by Ronhales                                                                                                                                               Psalm 119:105

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