From the prophet and the prophetess, the mystic and the psychic

The fortuneteller and the spiritualist

We gain our glimpse of tomorrow                                                                                                    From finances to business affairs,

Personal offerings to love affairs

Home crises and family affairs

Seems it's other's advise we borrow

Religion becomes fanatic as we bow to our gods

We pray so others see us

We pay so others see us

But we do and say, hoping no one sees us                                                                                            Miracles are declared by man

Saints are made by a church

Icons, idols, statues and rituals we worship

But in all this, is there Jesus?

In life we seek satisfaction, while our soul cries for comfort

Our sprit searches for its roots

And we accept imperfection as our nature                                                                                          Desires of the flesh is our only law,

And everything is without bounds

gods we create to be among us

So what we want gets into our eternal future

What a lie we have generated!

What fools of ourselves we have born!

We write our own laws, then stand in our own judgment

Then claim ourselves to be free                                                                                                  Only fools could create such foolishness

Only the lost could feast in such hopelessness

Only the perished could revel in such slaughter

The dead are blind and can not see

Give up this foolishness

Put down these falsehoods

Recognize that man does not create man

Nor can we worship a god created                                                                                                                          Lay down sinfulness

Repent of this way

Seek out the One True God

And find through His Son, we our related

God Almighty created our flesh, our soul, our spirit

He is who we hunger for

And in flesh He manifested Himself, by His Son,

Jesus Christ the Lord                                                                                                                 Eternity is straight ahead                    

Only Jesus Christ can redeem us from death and judgement

So seek Him for salvation

Or learn that the price of being a fool

No one can afford



A Fool by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                        Ecclesiastes 10:2

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