A   D R E A M E R' S   H O P E




The waterís depth draws my gaze,

To the ending light Iím brought.

I dream of undersea worlds and hidden wealth,

For by imagination a new life is sought.

Would things be different if in a new world I lived?

Perhaps kings would bow and armies flee

At just a glance Iíd give.

In the depthís of the sea

Could kingdomís be my reign,

And could my enemies flatter and my friends not tease,

If a new world I were to gain?

And in this place,

If by imagination I should go,

Could those that are mean be shut out

And only those I choose

Come to my private little show?


If only it were true,

This place I dream about in the waterís deep.

But life does not change by a dreamerís hope,

For itís certain that what we sow is what we reap.

So Iíll move away from the waterís edge

And look to what a real life can be,

I know God is not a fantasy

And His gift of redemption not just make believe.

So in Jesus Iíll trust,

And together make a dream come true.

For by Him a dreamerís hope is made real,

And His plan will fulfill the desires not only in me,

But also in you.



A Dreamerís Hope by Ronhales                                                                                                                1 Timothy 4:10

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